Work in Progress

Works Orders control the actual running and measurement of performance in production.

  • Product routing through works centres
  • Prioritise Works Orders
  • Compare actual performance against pre-determined standards
  • Allows barcode scanning for production feedback
  • Production Feedback records actual usage on all cost types
  • Materials
  • Machine Times
  • Set-up Times
  • Labour Time
  • Outwork
  • Any other costs

Costing Methods

  • Standard Cost
  • Actual Cost
  • Set Cost

Production Process

  • Discrete Manufacturing means Manufacture more than one of identical items.
  • Non-discrete or co-product output means Manufacture many co-products in one works order e.g. fashion apparel, size curves, meat processing and deboning.

Work Orders
Xperdyte Manufacturing allows you to control and measure performance with Works Order routing.